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FinePrint FAQs


How do I run FinePrint?
Usually you do not load and run FinePrint you simply click on print from an application like Word or Excel and select FinePrint as the printer. Note, you get a few more options tabs if you select Properties when FinePrint is highlighted as your printer, than you do when you see the tabs from the FinePrint preview screen.


Where do I enter my registration key?
In the Workstation Edition print to FinePrint, wait for the preview window to appear and click the About tab. Enter the serial number there.
In the Server Edition go to Control Panel and printers. Right mouse click on pdfFactory and select Printing Preferences. All the tabs will show. Select the licensing tab.

Is product support free and unlimited?
In the UK we provide the first level of support for the product. You can email us or phone us with questions. We have been selling FinePrint and pdfFactory for about five years now and we have had very few help or technical queries from customers, as the programs are both reliable and simple to use. If we are unable to answer a help request we pass it on by email to the authors and they generally get back to us the following day. Our support is available 9-5.30 Monday to Friday. There is no charge from us or from the authors for this support.

In the US the authors offer a year of free upgrades for a maintenance charge of 15%. This is a relatively recent introduction and it extends the time period for a free upgrade to major product revisions. We have not added the maintenance option here in the UK as yet.


One other very useful benefit with FinePrint software is that the authors maintain a permanent download facility for replaced versions. As an example, should pdfFactory2 be replaced by version 3 then you will always be able to download bug-fixed versions of version 2 for free. The authors retrospectively "fix" old versions with bug-fixes from the new versions whenever this is possible.

The Dispatcher couldn't be started
If you cannot print to FinePrint because of a Dispatcher error message you should try the following. Open Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), go the Processes tab and look for the process called fpdisp6.exe. This is the FinePrint Dispatcher. Click on it once to highlight it and then click on the End Process button to the right of the window. Resend your print job to FinePrint, it should restart correctly.

Why is printing sometimes very slow when I print from the Acrobat Reader?
In Acrobat (the Advanced tab) make sure 'Print as Image' is NOT ticked. If it is ticked the resulting FinePrint file will print very slowly because each page of text from Acrobat will be sent to FinePrint as a full page bitmap rather than as text. This can increase the size of the document tenfold or more.
Pages are printed upside down on backs of pages on duplex printers
Tick the "Landscape/Portrait produces vertical flipping" box in the Options dialogue.


The pages are correct, but I have to re-order them manually when the booklet has finished printing
Tick the "Print pages in reverse" option in the Options dialogue box. You should only need to do this if you are using an inkjet or other printer where the pages must be re-ordered when printing completes.


When doing manual duplex, the backs of the sheets do not have the correct pages
Try reversing the FACEUP/FACE DOWN option and try again. Use a 4 page document to experiment with.


Watermarks and coloured text is drawn in black or not at all
If your printer does this, click the Options button on the FinePrint dialogue box and select the Colour Correction option in the Coloured Text combo box.


Font sizes are defined by the page size and therefore the amount of margin around the page
You can reduce the amount of margin in the Margin control by setting it to None. The whole page is then enlarged and the fonts scaled up. If you are using a browser, you can turn off the printing of the URL in the Page Setup dialogue box in your browser. This may help increase the amount of available margin.


When I print from the web, some characters are truncated on the right edge. How do I fix this?
This can usually be fixed by reducing the margins from the Page Setup dialogue box of your browser.


Pages in wrong order - why?
This is a vestige of days before FinePrint where you ticked the Reverse box on the Word print dialogue box. With FinePrint there is no need for that, so untick it.


Page rotation
If you have landscape and portrait pages in the same FinePrint session you may need to use the page rotation option in the Options dialogue box. The button to obtain this is alongside where you select the printer that FinePrint is going to use.


Paper statistics - where do I find them?
Click the About tab on the FinePrint dialogue. This displays the number of pages printed, the number of sheets printed and the percentage saving. There is also a reset button.


How do I create a new form?
Print your form to FinePrint and wait for the preview window to appear. Do not go to Properties from your application. Click the FormFactory tab and the New button will be available.


To make A4 the default paper size
In the Windows Control Panel go to the Printers folder, right-click on the FinePrint Driver and select "Printing Preferences". Then select A4 in the Paper Size list box. Any settings that you would like to remain as defaults should be entered through the Control Panel route. Settings made at the time you select FinePrint or pdfFactory will in most cases only operate for that job. This gives you the flexibility to use 'one-off' settings.
Deleting stationery
The reason that the default stationeries keep reappearing is that they are refreshed from the system stationery file. If you delete this file then the stationeries will not reappear. The file will be in the Windows folder area but the subfolder it resides in varies from version to version of Windows. To find this file use Search in Windows Explorer and look for '.sta'


Rescaling pages to new paper sizes
This is one of the most powerful and useful features in FinePrint. Suppose you want to print an A3 document on A4 size paper or print a custom size page, say 11x17 inches, onto A4 paper. In your application, set the paper size to the original 11x17 (or A3 in the other case). In the print dialogue box in your application, select the FinePrint driver and click the Properties button. Set the paper size to A3. Print to FinePrint. When the FinePrint dialogue appears, click the Options button and then the Properties button. Set the paper size to the new size for the printer selected in FinePrint (A4 in this case). Go to print in FinePrint using the OK or Print buttons at the bottom of the FinePrint window.


Incorrect text spacing
The most common problem is words running into each other, i.e. insufficient spacing between words. This usually happens when there is a change in font or font attribute (e.g. Arial changing to Times New Roman, changing to or from underline, changing to or from italics). Most of these problems are not FinePrint problems but are bugs in the destination printer driver. You can work around these problems by configuring your destination printer to print TrueType fonts as graphics.
To do this:
- Print your document to FinePrint
- In the FinePrint dialogue select your destination printer and click the Options button
- In the Printer Options dialogue click the Properties button to bring up the destination printer's Properties dialogue box
- Navigate the destination printer's Properties dialogue until you find the TrueType font option. For most HP drivers, this is in the Fonts tab. Set this option to "Print TrueType fonts as graphics".
- Click OK to accept the change and return to FinePrint.
If the destination printer driver does not have this option, or if setting it does not clear up the problem, then you should contact FinePrint Technical Support at support at for problem resolution. Please attach a copy of the document which you are printing, simplified as much as possible, so that we can attempt to reproduce the problem. If you are printing from the Web then just send us the URL.


The FinePrint Dispatcher (fsdisp4a.exe under Windows 95/98, fpdisp4.exe under NT)
This is a component of FinePrint that must be running in order for FinePrint to function properly. The dispatcher is either launched on Windows startup and runs in the background or if you have unticked this option in the Settings tab it starts and stops when FinePrint is used.
If for some reason the dispatcher is abnormally terminated, then it must be restarted. To do this simply run the FinePrint Dispatcher shortcut in the FinePrint program group. From that point on FinePrint should function properly.
If the dispatcher is consistently being terminated, then there may be a problem and you should contact FinePrint technical support at support at
To check if the dispatcher is running, bring up the Windows Task List and look for pfdisp4a.exe of fpdisp4.exe under Windows 95/98, press Ctrl+ALT+DEL to bring up the Task List. Under Windows NT, right click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager, then look in the Processes tab.
The dispatcher is launched by Windows upon system startup from the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run registry key. If you run REGEDIT and navigate to that key you should see a string value called "FinePrint Dispatcher".
Under Windows 95/98, the value of the string should be c:\windows\system\fpdisp4a.exe (where c:windows is replaced by your actual Windows path)


Installation failures on NT
If you have an installation failure on NT, close all background processes before installing. This includes virus checkers, web servers or other resident software.


FinePrint temp files are all named ~FPxxx.TMP
Under Windows 95/98, they are located in your Temp folder. To change this location, simply set TEMP=location (e.g. set TEMP=C:\temp) in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and reboot your computer.
Under Windows NT, it's more complicated: · Run the Control Panel System applet and click on the Environment tab - create a System variable called TEMP, defined to be the folder where you want FinePrint to create its temp files · Create a User vairable called TEMP, defined to the same location · Run REGEDIT and go to HKEY_USERS\.FRGSULY\Environment · Create (or set) a string value called TEMP to the same location Make sure that the location you set TEMP to actually exists.


No preview of document in the preview window
The FinePrint preview dialogue box can be set by using the Properties dialogue box. This Properties dialogue box is available from most applications alongside where the printer driver is selected. For example send your document to print, select FinePrint as the printer and click on the Properties button. This button should be alongside the printer selection window. It may have another name, for example Preferences.


Can I download the previous version 4 (FinePrint 2000)?
FinePrint 2000 is no longer supported but you can download a version with (in most cases) the latest bug fixes using the links below.
FinePrint 2000 for Win 95/98/ME
FinePrint 2000 for Win NT/2000/XP
FinePrint 2000 enterprise

I can't print to FinePrint. When I click the 'Details' button (in the error message window) I see that the dispatcher and the printer have different revision numbers.
Click on START and go to FinePrint and select the Dispatcher. You should be able to print now.

Economode is useful, but is there an easy way to check that it is set?
You can create as many separate versions of FinePrint as you want, and each version can have its own range of presets. When FinePrint is open, click on the Settings tab and in the middle on the left is a button called 'Create new FinePrint Printer'. Click on this and enter a meaningful name (such as FinePrint economode) and click OK. This will create another FinePrint driver on your computer. When you next send a document to print you can select the Economode named FinePrint version if you wish. When you are in the preview window of this FinePrinter, click the Options setting at the bottom of the preview window (alongside where you select your physical printer). You can select economode in the usual way.

You will now have the two FinePrint drivers set up differently and need only select the economode version in order to utilize the economode (or any other settings that you may use). You can have any number of these additional FinePrinters and each can have a meaningful name for a different set of presets.

I am running JD Edwards ERP software and FinePrint is insisting on being my default printer. How can I return to my original default printer?
Even if you have a default Windows printer set up, you need to have a default printer set up in JD Edwards. When you set up a default printer in JDE for your profile it will pull in the correct printer.

Problem with seeing page numbers?
This is how you move footers up from the bottom of the page. Insert the <new line> variable and follow it with a space, using the space bar. You will see the original footer move up in the Preview screen.

How can I licence FinePrint now that my trial has expired?
Do the following:
  • Click OK to close the expiry dialogue
  • Press START | CONTROL PANEL | Printers and Faxes and right mouse click on FinePrint
  • Select either Printing Preferences or Properties
  • Click OK to close the expiry dialogue
  • Click on the About tab and enter your licence code into the appropriate box

Can I download a licence to use my laptop off the network?
An SE client installation can be converted to a standalone version that does not require a networkconnection to operate. To convert an installed SE product from network to local, open the Settingstab on the client and select the “Create New Printer” button. The new printer that is created willbea local printer that does not require network access. To complete the operation, you should delete the old printer (the network connection to the server’s shared printer).Note: you must have administrative privileges on the client in order to do the “Create NewPrinter”operation.


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